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Powder Coating

PRIMA 60L | For medium and large production runs
The coating powder is fluidized in the large 60 liter stainless steel container and then supplied to the spray gun.

Product Details:
  • control unit with easy to use graphic interface
  • PEM C4 gun or Tribo spray gun with remote control
  • Airflow control technology
  • inclined vibration table for better extraction of residual powder
  • industrial standard equipment trolley
  • powdercoat
    BRAVO Airfluid
    The powerful BRAVO Airfluid coating systems delivers the powder directly from the original drum. It can be operated both with a Corona or a Tribo spray gun. The integrated remote control of the guns, pre-defined coating recipes and a graphic user interface provide for an exceptional ease of use.

    Product Details:
  • Control unit EPG 2008
  • arge 60 litres stainless steel container with PI-P1 powder injector
  • Heavy duty equipment trolley
  • PEM-C4 or PEM-T3 spray gun
  • powdercoat
    Lab Testing Guns
    For the powder coating of individual parts and minimum quantities, and also for laboratory and development purposes, it is sensible to use a handy, flexible yet powerful piece of equipment. The new 2008 - C powder cup laboratory set makes powder coating for laboratory trials, sample coatings, and small production runs, economical and precise. Applying minimum and medium amounts saves on powder. The convenient one-handed operation of the large rotary knob for powder flow rate adjustment saves valuable time.

    The main advantages:
  • Convenient one-handed operation of the large rotary knob for powder flow rate adjustment saves valuable time
  • Reproducible coating results: 4 recipes are available (3 pre-set and 1 individually selected) for high-voltage and current limit
  • Adjustable current limit (up to 5 A) for excellent edge coating results

  • Product Details:
  • Control unit EPG 2008
  • Different powder cups available from 290 to 900 ccm
  • Shock resistant case
  • powdercoat