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Top Coal Gun


Product Specification
HVLP SYSTEM Is The WALCOM Solution To Combine Quality With Reliability At The Same Time Meeting The Environmental Regulation. New Generation High Transfer Efficiency [70-80%] Spray Guns. Light Weight Anodized Aluminum Body With Stainless Still Nozzle, Needle Air-cap. Special Packing With Required Spare Parts For Trouble Free Operation. Working Pressure 1.5- 2bar
  Conventional Spray Gun

Product Specification
Newly conceived HIGH TRANSFER EFFICIENCY spray gun that permits the user to associate the typical methods of a conventional spray gun in terms of pressure, distance and application speed with those of a HVLP spray gun in terms of Transfer Efficiency. The balance between the internal air passages and the head and nozzle diffusion holes let the operator work with a cap pressure of about 1,2 bar while still achieving > 65 % transfer efficiency. Ideal for transparent HS and VHS but also excellent for water and solvent bases, the GENESI HTE guarantees high level atomization levels.
Primar Gun
  URS Plus

urs plus
Product Specification
Spray guns designed to combine reliability, versatility and price. Their strength has made them the market leaders since their launch in the 50s. But the strength of a product can be seen by the way it devolps, so, in 1999, the HVLP version of the OM was created to meet the needs of the most sensitive markets in terms of product saving and environmental regulations. The professional IM/OM version originated the creation of the UR PLUS version, with brass components which, considering the quality/price ratio, makes the product also suitable for D.I.Y.
  Conventional Slim

Product Specification
Conventional spray gun, easy to use, versatile, mainly designed for bodyworks base application and paint application in other sectors such as industry, woodworks, carpentry, crafts. Thanks to its excellent level of atomization achieved using 1.3 and 1.5 diameter nozzles, SLIM can also be used as a finish spray gun. Lightweight and ergonomic, SLIM stands out for:
  • Reduced air consumption (240 lt/min)
  • Transfer efficiency over 80% tested by the most qualified Italian and European boards
  • Maintenance ease
  • Resistant to aggressive solvents and strippers
  • Primar Gun
      EGO HVLP

    Product Specification
    Spray gun designed for bodyworks touch-ups. Adjustment precision, high quality components and finish let the operator achieve high performance work levels. The touch-up spray gun that represents an increasingly popular niche in the world bodyworks market has now reached the heights of quality with EGO HVLP thanks to the forged and polished aluminium body and chrome-plated aluminium cap, guaranteeing both product atomization consistency and quality. Low air consumption and high transfer efficiency (over 80%) make this series a solid reference in the bodyworks market.