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LVLP Paint Guns

The new generation of LVLP Paint System
Low Volume Low Pressure provides ultra fine finish and excellent transfer efficiency exceeding 72%. The new design generates ultra fine atomisation and a highly defined spray pattern. The end result being an even, high quality finish that is unrivalled by anything in its class. All guns are manufactured with full anti corrosive internals making them compatible with new waterborne paint technology and other corrosive spray products.

Product Features:
Type : Suction
Fluid Tip : 1.5mm
Atomising Pressure : 20-25 psi
Air Consumption : 269 l/min
Fluid Out Put : 200 ml/min
Max Pattern Width : 235mm
Compressor : 12-15 cfm
Suitable for : 2 Pak Basecoat, Enamel and Lacquer