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Applying Systems

Epcoat Guns: A powerful range for all applications.
The list of objects coated with Epcoat guns stretches from heavy lorry axles right up to children’s toys, from exclusive pens right up to tablets. All Epcoat application processes are at the highest technical level. Perfect coating results at the same time as the greatest possible application efficiency in the widest range of applications and with a variety of different materials, are the result of years of development work and extensive practical experience. Our manufacturing expertise in development and application products guarantees a perfect surface in line with the customers’ wishes. Fundamental analyses of the process and coating results by highly qualified specialists, and series of tests in our technology centre, provide optimal application processes.

List of Featuresd Products
  • Conventional Paint Guns
  • HVLP Paint Guns
  • LVLP Paint Guns
  • Automatic Paint Guns
  • Airless Paint System
  • Air assisted Airless Paint System
  • Electrostatic Paint System
  • Powder Coating
  • powdercenter