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Feed Pumps
Feed Pumps

Double Diagraph Pump
The low pressure diaphragm pumps of the Zip range are first choice for high quality pumps. This pneumatically operated double diaghragm pumps work with extremely low pulsation. The pumps are equipped with the low icing "Runner" air motor, which is characterised by low consumption with maximum reliability and performance.

Product Benifits:
  • Low pulsation thanks to quick operating anti-stall air pilot valve
  • High flow rate
  • Suitable for many different materials
  • Long life diaphagms
  • Low noise level (integrated silencer)
  • Compact design
  • High suction capacity
  • Wide range of available models
  • DPump
    Transfer Pump
    Throughout industry, WAGNER feed pumps ensure an optimal, reliable paint supply. They convert energy into perfect performance and provide a constant, pulsation-free flow of material even over great distances between paint room and point of application.

    Product Benifits:
  • The Ice Breaker low icing pneumatic motor
  • Powerful and economical
  • Working pressure (maximum operating pressure) of 24 to 64 bar
  • Delivery rates (volumetric flow per double stroke) from 130 to 1200 cc
  • Easily maintained fluid sections
  • Stainless steel quality
  • DPump