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PLC Automation
PLC Based Automation

The Profitech Control System
With Profitech you have the complete powder coating systems under control. Even complex control relationships can be easily operated without complications via the touch screen. From simple opetation to parameterisation, exact troubleshooting through to data save and process data recording, the systems provides it all at a glance.

Simple screen operations:
  • Everything under control due to the real time visualisation of the coating process
  • Operation through touch control and menu guidance
  • Input and output of all parameters in physical units, e.g. gun-workpiece distance in cm
  • Recording and evaluation of operating data
  • Interfaces to the data communications and remote modem control
  • System dtatus display
  • Lon bus modules for spray gun control
  • Cascase characteristics curve freely programmable
  • Air flow rate control with precision to 0.01 Nm3/h, hence perfect control during low powder discharge with AFC-HP-D1
  • Powder alarm y/a with Genius
  • Powder quantity calibration with Genius
  • CPC