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Tunnel Type
Tunnel Type Booth

EPCOAT Paint Booth
Customer expects nothing but the best, Designed for body shops that demand no less than the absolute best, Paint companies are developing new and more exotic coating materials, which will become dominant in the automotive refinishing market. These new materials are more expensive due to high cost of raw materials. They need to be handled differently than the conventional lacquers and enamels. Their chemical characteristics are not conducive to rubbing out, and major reworks could require complete stripping and recoating. Obviously, it is more important than ever before to get a good clean paint job the first time. Much time and money can be saved by eliminating reworks.Some of these new paints contain material, which may be toxic or cause sensitivity. Proper air movement is one way to reduce operator exposure to these materials EPCOAT Refinishing Systems are designed on the same principle as production line booths. They feature a multi-state filtration system that helps to eliminate reworks caused by air borne dust and dirt, which can contaminate freshly painted surfaces. And they provide a cleaner and safer working environment.

Tunnel Type Paint Booth
  • Panels made up of Pre-coated G.I. Sheets
  • High density rock wool filled sandwich type double skin pre- fabricated panels to maintain high degree of temperature and consistent structure.
  • Equipment Include - Centrifugal Blowers, High Density Filter i.e Ceiling Filter and Floor Filter, Control Panel Touch Screen

  • Tunnel Type Paint Booth Options
  • Metallic basement double blower insulated panel
  • Civil basement double blower, insulated panel.

  • Kindly Note : Following actions are impermissible in the EPCOAT Paint booth.
  • Storing paint or solvent containers, objects which are stained with paint or solvents such as overalls.
  • Wearing overalls or other clothing which are stained with paints or solvents.
  • Smoking.
  • Using tools which produce a particulate spray, which makes sparks such as grinding or welding.
  • Applying coating with the booth in operation and with a spray device not approved.
  • Using any electrical devices.
  • Storing or consuming food and beverages.
  • Storing dangerous articles such as spray cans.