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Complete Booth
Complete Booth

EPCOAT Tunnel Booth
The EPCOAT paint Booth Know-How for design, which is truly state-of-the-art, allows for the manufacturing of equipment with the utmost functional reliability and reflecting the most modern technology. The products offered are derived from a skillful and clever mix between technology, care of design, attention to detail and respect for international norms. The Epcoat strives to improve its product quality through investment in important resources,such as scientific research and technology, with constant attention devoted to the fundamentals of saving energy and maintaining respect for the environment. The EPCOAT manufactures Paint booths and it equipment for autobodies and industrial use.

Complete Paint Booth
  • Panels made up of Pre-coated G.I. Sheets
  • High density rock wool filled sandwich type double skin pre- fabricated panels to maintain high degree of temperature and consistent structure.
  • Equipment Include - Centrifugal Blowers, High Density Filter i.e Ceiling Filter and Floor Filter, Control Panel Touch Screen

  • Complete Paint Booth Options
  • Metallic basement double blower insulated panel
  • Civil basement double blower, insulated panel.
  • Metallic basement double blower,non insulated panel.
  • Civil Basement double blower, non insulated panel.

  • Complete Paint Booth with Metallic basement with Insulated Panel cpb01
    Complete Paint Booth with CivilBasement with Insulated Panel cpb01
    Kindly Note : Following actions are impermissible in the EPCOAT Paint booth.
  • Storing paint or solvent containers, objects which are stained with paint or solvents such as overalls.
  • Wearing overalls or other clothing which are stained with paints or solvents.
  • Smoking.
  • Using tools which produce a particulate spray, which makes sparks such as grinding or welding.
  • Applying coating with the booth in operation and with a spray device not approved.
  • Using any electrical devices.
  • Storing or consuming food and beverages.
  • Storing dangerous articles such as spray cans.