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WindMill Industry

The fast growing and cleanest power generating industry – India now relies on this industry for the high power requirements. Various Indian and foreign wind turbine manufacturers have set up their manufacturing units as well as wind farms on various terrestrial and off shore areas.
Wind mill comprises of various parts that get manufactured in components and get assembled at the wind farm. Epcoat offers all surface finishing solutions required in the manufacture of the components.

Climate control Down draft spray booth…

Epcoat Specializes in supply and installation of the various painting solutions for the wind power industry. The climate control spray booth features the top slot in the list in which a room temperature of 22 degree C is maintained along-with humidity of 60 - 65% RH during the airless paint application.

Tunnel type Paint shop

A very effective system consisting of down draft paint booth followed by solvent flash of zone and convection heating oven. The booth and oven consists of twin blower system and oven has a heat exchanger along-with diesel or gas fired burners. The inlet air gets filtered through EU 5 grade filters and paint exhaust through EU 3.

Wind mill Tower Paint booth

For wind mill tower sections Epcoat has provided wide solutions like paint booths, painting cum heating chambers, airless applicators, flexible suctions in the booths